Like in a Song.

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“This Pearl abides in all the pearls like in a song.”

Lila is being initiated into the pearls of ancient wisdom by the High Priestess of her clan. “Like in a song” captures the content of her lesson on the nature of life. The content of this song can best be described, using an excerpt from the book I have written and am preparing to publish. Here it is:

“The fourth Hermetic Principle called; the Principle of Vibration – tells us that “nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.” Thoughts, mental images and emotions are nothing more than a series of vibrations in the field of consciousness. Even matter is understood to be a collection of vibrations, seemingly coagulated like condensed sunlight. It is the nature of vibration that obliges the quantum physicist to poetically acclaim that we live in a musical universe. Vibration gives us life, energy, sound, color, temperature, harmony and, most importantly to our own understanding of quantum healing, the law of attraction. The law of attraction is based on the physics of harmony. The greater the degree of harmony existing between two bodies the greater the force of attraction. In other words the law of attraction makes itself known through the phenomena called sympathetic vibration.”

So this lesson that Lila is getting will, if she thoroughly integrates it into her consciousness, prepare her for the subtle disintegration of physical form that would happen when she eventually passes through the wormhole between the parallel universes to make contact with her soul mate, the Viking Boy. At this stage of the story though, neither of them know that this event lies in their future. Here Kripa, Roland and myself are seen recording the seed idea for this song. (a part of it can also heard in video 1)

Hopefully it grows into something worthy of the wisdom words it is designed to carry.

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4 Comments to “Like in a Song.”

  • You write So eloquently my broer.I feel what you are comunicating.thanks for the link.big Love to you all,T

  • It is fascinating that a song once released from the the original dreamer, goes through the ether and becomes “common property” in the sense that we all can carry it around in our heads once we know it .unlike a visual image which is locked into the material plain.and can only really be experienced when we are in direct contact with it ……or in memory ,but a song we can embody and it can vibrate through us even though it originated through someone else
    I often think about this ,loved your explanation ….

    • Yes Carol, although i am reminded of the first time you took me to the MOCA in Los Angeles, when we stepped outside i felt as if something in me had changed – i could see more clearly the edges of things, of sounds, of colors and shapes, contrasts, compliments, and life all around me glistened… an atmosphere birthed of me fresh awareness…this all beyond the physical plane that the pieces of art resided in…i remember you saying that therapy really took place after the 50minute session with a therapist – on the way home and for days after…it seems art is like that..like a glass of water that nourishes in unseen ways the whole psychosomatic network. ….yea like a glass of water!

  • it still amazes me to reflect on the song and it’s importance. such an incredible way to communicate.
    lightnin’ hopkins once said, “with the blues, there is a feeling, and sometimes that feeling gets you real bad”.
    i think what he was talking about are the very heartstrings that can get pulled. from the perspective of the singer, the songwriter and ultimately and intimately to the listener.
    talk about vibrations bridging the gap between people. between cultures. between differences.
    i love the diversity amongst songs in the sense that so many messages, thoughts and feelings are catapulted into the ether.
    what was expressed by the songwriter lyrically may mean something totally different to the listener.
    and when we get into the asthetics of the recording processes and how each musician will interpret a song, which dictates their own ideas of what their part should be, it gets real interesting…even if their part is not playing a part.
    more later…

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